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My Name Is Chanki Saxena I Have Done Master's Degree In Structure-Engineering Find Me Special In Teaching, Writing, Motivation-Speech, Life-Coach, Sports, Fitness Or Prediction. I Have Been Associated With The Field Of Students-Motivational Sports Or Life-Coach For 12 Years! I Have Seen Practical Life Closely After Doing Real-Physical-Struggle For 5 Years. I Am Very Fond Of Writing Blogs And I Want To Bring This Hobby Of Mine In Front Of You People.

In Our Country Sports Is Seen As A Motivation. And I Believe That There Is Only One Sport Which Can Add Real Motivation! Through This Blog Many Youth Will Be Able To Find Out Their Dream Game Hobby.

Because Only One Sport Tells You The Way To Live Life And In This Blog I Will Tell You Some Such Information So That You Can Select One Of Your Sports.

Well Friends. I Want To Tell You About Which Topics I Will Be Blogging For You.

1) Sports Player Fact:- In This Blog Section You Will Be Told Some Untold Things About Players Related To All Sports, We Will Adopt This In Our Life Also And Stay Motivated.

2) Sports Business:- In The Sports Business Section, You Will Be Told About Sports Related Businesses Through Which You Can Also Start Some Sports Related Businesses And I Will Share With You Some Unknown Things About Business.

3) Your Dream Games Learning:- In This Blog Section, You Will Be Told About Some Applications Related To Sports And Their Facts Will Be Analyzed As To Why That Application Is Best For You.

4) Sports Share Market:- In This Blog Section, You Will Be Told About Penny Stocks Related To Sports And How You Can Invest In Them Safely.

My Story

I Have Seen Many Up And Down In My Life Or Along With This. I Know Many Motivational Or Real-Life-Changing-Facts Of Real Life Which I Want To Share With You People. I Have A Lot To Give You Through The Motivation Of Sports Or Want To Make An Impact On The Younger Generation

I Like To Write Very Much Friends And Want To Motivate All My Friends. I Live In A Middle Class Family. I Have Seen A Lot Of Sorrow In My Life. Maybe It Has Been A Very Difficult Journey For Me To Come Here Maybe If Someone Else Had Lived In My Place Maybe I Don't Live Here Today, My Only Aim Is To Inspire Today's Youth To Never Lose Courage In Life.

Whenever Negative Thoughts Come Or Depression Occurs. They Can Get Out Of It And Move Ahead In Their Life Through Sports Because Today's Youth. Being Online Is Very Weak And Is Not Able To Bear The Pressure And Depression Through This Blog. I Will Attract Him Towards His Dream Game And He Can Like His Hobby And Make A Dream Game As His Hobby.

And You Can Keep Yourself Motivated By Reading Sports Biography. I Will Tell You About Many Struggles Of My Life On This Blog. So Friends, Let's Go On A Beautiful Journey. Select Your Dream Game.

You Will Find A Lot Of Interesting Information On Is Blog About All Types Of Sports Player fact, Sports Business, Your Dream Games Learning, Sports Share Market Or Drawing Conclusions From Facts! If You Have Any Questions! So You Can Ask Me By Emailing Me On Chankisaxena5@Gmail.Com

"Thank You"

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